Recently, the temperature is getting hotter and hotter, and many beautiful girls choose to wear sandals. Even though sandals are the iconic items of summer, sometimes I still feel that sneakers are more comfortable and comfortable. Many good-looking shoe types, good-looking color matching shoes for you to choose.

In August 2019, Converse released the first generation of old jeans to create 1970S Renew Denim shoes in an environmentally friendly way ▼

The spring and summer Converse environmental protection series released a new cream white RENEW COTTON, and it was fascinated by a large piece of it as soon as it came out! In addition to high-top models, there are also low-top models. Babies can choose according to their usual wear habits ▼

The upper is made of recycled cotton, with a simple side logo, a recyclable rubber outsole, and an ORTHOLITE insole. The foot feels very wrong ▼

Creamy white color is more resistant to stains than pure white. And the color looks more comfortable and soft, and it can be very fried with a pair of bright socks ▼

Just like cream ice cream, it's creamy! There is no need to worry about collocation at all. No matter what you wear in daily life, no matter shorts, trousers or small skirts, you can easily wear an elegant, energetic and casual look, sweet with a sense of freshness ▼

New Balance
The most photographed shoe on ins, NB's MR530 series must have a name. Re-enacting the style of the 90s, the classic shoe models in the past are still super popular ▼

Outline the outline with fluid and neat lines. The mesh surface is very breathable and suitable for spring and summer. The upper feet are also very light. It is a pair of Clunky Sneaker that girls can also control, fashionable and retro, beautiful and versatile ▼

This year's spring and summer limited color mint green, super cool and lively color matching, suits and dresses are really fragrant, and the degree of versatileness is not lost to off-white ▼

Also very popular is the beige MR530, which seems unremarkable. After getting on your feet, you will find that it is a little more gentle than off-white, and it is also very white. It looks more low-key and comfortable than the limited color ▼

Air Force1 Low Shadow
Nike air force1, shadow macaron ice cream color matching can be said to be contracted by it all summer, it is not too beautiful~▼

This new pair of macarons is really cute! Like a unicorn, the colors of baby blue, light yellow, mint green, and lavender purple are all brought together, dreaming and small freshness coexist ▼

It is also the continuation of the classic shoe type of Air Force1, with a small increase in it, and the little girl is quick to get it~ and the color scheme of this model is still limited! Double Swoosh logo overlay, double color, double vitality, double happiness ▼

Don't think that fancy dresses are not good for matching clothes, matching light-colored skirts are super fresh, and contrasting clothes are also very good!

Speaking of NIKE's hot shoes this year, Vista Lite has to be mentioned! This pair of popular shoes ranging from unpopular models to popular shoes recommended by major bloggers ▼

Clean and fresh color, yellow and orange are very summery feel, no wonder so many people will be charmed ▼

The bottom of this pair of shoes is really interesting, the shoe type is special, the mesh fabric upper and the gem-cut sole, the heightening effect of the shoes is good, and the legs can be blatantly displayed thin and long legs, hahaha▼

Because the upper is made of mesh fabric, it will reveal the color of the socks, so try not to match with black socks. With brightly colored socks, it will be more attractive~

New Balance
# 850
There is no doubt that the popularity of Clunky Sneaker is obvious to all. Known as "the cheap version of the coconut" NB 2020 new male and female couple 850 series of retro Clunky Sneaker, there is a feeling that people want to place an order with passion ▼

There is no familiar N logo, simple appearance and thin shoe shape, the upper is spliced ​​by suede and breathable mesh, the color is pure to the end, simple and gentle ▼

But the most amazing thing is this New Balance 1996 re-enacted version 850, black and white blue color, it is more special than many Clunky Sneaker styles, very old school feel▼

Fashionable and versatile, the legs are very long. It is not a dream to change the legs in seconds. Girls can also create a sense of fashion with casual matching

# RS-X

Seeing this shoe shape is reminiscent of the red and green color RS-X of the same model by Hyuna. But this year's new color scheme is really going to be beautiful and annoying
The most eye-catching thing is this pair of beige + blue, which is very refreshing and versatile. At first glance, it is the color of summer ▼

There are also new colors of silver + white, very pure and healing colors, you can wear it all year round~
The colors of the RS-X series are all knocked on the level, each model is really beautiful on the feet, not only increases the height, but also shows the thin legs, let’s not talk about it, let it be ▼


The clover shell head can be said to be a permanent classic. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Superstar, adidas Originals also relayed many new Superstar shoes!
This time, the 50th anniversary and the Japanese trend brand Human Made are co-branded. The classic has a little speciality. It also continues the retro cream outsole with black and white, white and black and all-white lining ▼

The heel is decorated with the iconic red Human Made heart-shaped embroidery pattern, which hits the hearts of many people ▼
Human Made’s classic slogan "Gears For Futuristic Teenagers" is printed on the three sides of the shoe, with heart-shaped vents, which is very detailed

The shoes also fully echo the last time the Human Made Stan Smith joint shoes, while continuing the classic shoes, but also showing the unique style of Human Made in details ▼

#Chuck Taylor Dainty Mule

Everyone will never be unfamiliar with the way to step on the heel. This kind of shoes is not easy to wear. It is super popular from celebrities to bloggers. Although it is convenient and easy to look at, but after wearing it for a long time, good shoes can't stand the toss ▼

Converse’s lazy drags don’t have this trouble. They use the classic elements of the shoes, but change the shoe shape to the appearance of lazy slippers. It is casual and not too sloppy, and it has become a daily essential shoe! ▼
In summer, the first all-white color scheme is not suitable for formal occasions, whether it is sweet or casual style, it can be easily controlled! The design that reveals more ankles can also make your legs look thinner! ▼
In addition to spring and summer, it can also be used until autumn, adding hosiery embellishment to make more style changes!