Air Force 1 is one of the most famous sneakers in Nike history, not only in terms of performance, but in all aspects, he is a well-deserved uncrowned king. Many young people are picking Air Force 1. Which pair is most worth buying?

Air Force 1 is one of the most famous sneakers in Nike history, not only in terms of performance, but in all aspects, he is a well-deserved uncrowned king.

From the stadium to the street, the most popular pair of sneakers, together with the Air Max Shoes, form half of NIKE.

The 36-year-old Air Force is still active in everyone’s field of vision, so today I will take you to take a look at the "excellent" tricks that have been played in the Air Force Shoes.

Hottest Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 of the Year

Speaking of Air Force's show operation, the first thing to say is of course it, the most popular Nike x Off-White series of the year, the blockbuster joint name of the two brands is undoubtedly a first-hand benefit for Sneakers.

In the pioneer THE TEN series, of course, Nike is proud of Air Force to open up the market. Let's first appreciate a few beautiful pictures, and then talk about its design in detail!

This time, the design looks rough at first glance, but it is full of details. Off-White principal Virgil Abloh uses semi-processed concepts to make sneakers, so in this joint name, we can see that there are many in this Air Force Suture structure. The flipped suede, the label, and the shoe body are also made of traditional leather, nylon wire, suede and cotton and linen fabrics.

The outsole is finished with a jelly rubber bottom, and the anti-theft buckle is a feature of this issue. It is recommended that those who choose to start or have started to keep this design.

Nike Air Force 1 x Travis Scott

The existence of this pair is really amazing, it is simply the best design of the year, and the playability is extremely high. The replaceable Swooh logo is simply a childhood dream, and the sense of design is bursting.

You can play 360° whenever you want to play, choose any color you like, just put a few hooks to see your mood, it’s so cool! The braided thread of the shoe body is also made of 3M material, which is definitely the brightest star in the crowd.

Air Force 1 Swoosh

There are too few co-branded models to play? It doesn't matter, there is also Air Force 1 Swoosh.

Tasting the sweetness of the Air Force 1 x Travis Scott hook change, Air Force 1 also launched its own hook change series. The original three colors are not enough to play? Then let's continue with six colors! While retaining the classic design, the fixed Swooh logo is removed, and you can choose from six different colors!

Even if you are picky, there is no Air Force 1 Swooch.

Nike Air Force 1 LOGO

Among the many styles, this "full LOGO" Air Force 1 can be said to have achieved the effect of "squandering flowers and glamorous eyes".
Is a big LOGO not enough to blow your eyes? Want to wear something different on the street? You deserve this pair of "assuming and domineering" Air Force 1 LOGO. The shoe body is surrounded by the Swooh logo and attracts five stars.
When the logo wind swept the trend circle, this Air Forre 1 is definitely a pair of shoes that hipsters can't miss.

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 x NBA

The three-party joint name of Supreme x Nike x NBA, which was released not long ago, also caused an uproar. Not only Nike took out the Air Force shoes, the NBA gave the team logo, and even Supreme also took out the Box Logo. , The three joint names showed their magical powers, which also caused a sensation in the sneaker circle.

If you look closely, it’s too cool. The basic shoes have not changed. The NBA’s major team logos are interspersed on the shoes, and the tongue straps are printed with the Supreme font representing the identity.