Nike has many series of shoes, such as the Nike air max 270 react series. If the shoes are dirty, they must be cleaned. Then how do you clean the Nike air max 270 react?

Nike Air Max shoes with large mesh, it is recommended to use hand sanitizer, etc., to clean them with less corrosive liquids. It can be washed with water, but it cannot be placed in a washing machine, which will damage the shoes. After the shoes are cleaned, use toilet paper to put the shoe body and the shoes in a cool place, do not expose to the sun, the effect will be good, and the shoes will be less harmful!

It is recommended to take it to a professional shoe store to clean it. Many friends who wash it by themselves say they can dye it. It is recommended that friends do not just do it casually when cleaning. At present, many friends have reported that the shoes are faded, especially the position of the lining. It is easy to stain the tongue of the shoe. If you don’t worry about cleaning it yourself, you can Take it to a professional shoe store to deal with, and the fabric design of the shoes is also very complicated, suede, cicada wings and other stitching.

How to clean suede air max 270 shoes dirty

1. Clean the dust on the surface of the shoes. First use a dry cloth or dry soft brush to wipe off the dust on the surface of the shoe.

2. Use detergent, vinegar, and clean water to prepare a cleaning solution according to the ratio of 2:1:50. Dip the solution with a shoe brush and carefully scrub the surface of the leather shoes. Use a damp sponge to absorb dirty foam to prevent the inside of the shoe. Get wet.

3. After the surface of the suede leather shoes is basically cleaned, scrub the surface of the leather shoes with water for 1 to 2 times, and finally put it in a ventilated place to air dry.

4. After the shoes are aired for an hour or two, when the hair is slightly dry, brush with the rubber side in one direction to disperse and tidy up the hair.

How to take care of suede air max 270 shoes

1. After the shoes are dry, put a newspaper inside the shoes to prop up the upper, and spray the renewer evenly 15 cm away from the shoes.

2. If the shoe surface is dripping with oil, it can be treated with suede degreasing agent, and then sprayed with suede refurbishing spray.

3. Ordinary essential oils used in aromatherapy lamps on the market are enough, and the general price is less than ten yuan. Pour the essential oil on a cotton pad and wipe the upper evenly, following the lines of the suede, so that it can play a good dustproof effect.

4. If you are caring for suede shoes that have been worn, you can first use a cloth or soft brush to sweep the dust on the surface in the direction of the suede, and then use the above methods to apply a thin layer of essential oil, which is good Care for suede shoes.