Today, Nike Air Force 1 has become a popular fashion shoe that people wear when going out. Back to the beginning, as a pair of basketball shoes, Nike Air Force is a very important pair of shoes in the history of sports shoes.

These Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 Q are Moses Malone’s playoff boots. This pair of shoes is legendary, witnessing the 76ers' third NBA championship trophy in 1983. So this time we will see how the high imitation AF1 Low Retro CT16 QS experience on the feet.

Classic AF1 shoe body, large white upper with red details, full of retro temperament. The golden shoe cord and golden shoe cord buckle exude a gorgeous temperament. As the most original shoe in the AF1 series, this pair of white and red Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 qs is very dynamic.

Test shoes: Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 qs

  • Nike Air Force 1 Low upper

Nike Air Force 1 Low pure white leather upper is low-key and concise, with divergent breathability. Red embroidered "Nike Air" tongue ornaments, gold shoe rope head ornaments engraved with the number "1983" to commemorate Moses Malone's championship.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Low side

The red Swash on the pure white shoes is particularly conspicuous, and the word "Air" is printed on the heel of the midsole, indicating the use of cushioning technology. Nike Air Force 1 Low thick rubber outsole gives a sense of stability and firmness.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Low heel

The wider heel looks calm. The red and white leather is matched with the letters "NIKE AIR" printed on the red leather.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Low comfort

As we all know, the weight of AF1 shoes is not light. This pair of AF1 low retro CT16 QS shoes weighs 445 grams, belongs to the normal weight series, and the upper foot is slightly heavier. The upper foot feels hard first, and the comfort is poor. The leather upper and thick rubber sole make it more awkward to move and less flexible than other styles of sports shoes. The classic AF1 shoe style uses leather to create the shoe body. Even if the upper has more vents, the sponge lining and most leather materials still cannot guarantee sufficient air permeability, and the upper foot is also very stuffy.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Low wrap and support

The wide toe cap exhibits a slightly weaker wrapping performance. Even if there are bubbles inside, they still cannot provide the perfect packaging feel. The shoe king has a thin foot shape, and the forefoot wrapping experience is not significant. These af1 low retro ct16 qs shoes are also made of leather. Leather is tough and can provide good support. When shaking from side to side, you can see that your feet are still stable. Nike Air Force 1 Low When the force is suddenly started, it can be seen that there is no obvious deformation of the upper part, and the support of the upper part is worthy of recognition.
Mid-to-low-end upper design shoes, thick inner heel, leather material, can firmly lock the feet, with an excellent sense of wrapping. Suddenly, although the ankle has deformed, you can see that the heel is still very stable, providing strong support for the ankle.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Low grip and abrasion resistance

The AF1 series has an ultra-thick outsole, and a very thick one-piece rubber outsole is guaranteed in terms of wear resistance and can withstand the test. The fore and back palms have round raised lines that provide excellent grip and can hold the ground firmly when suddenly changing direction. The edge of the shoe is also designed with tooth-shaped lines to provide excellent grip when attacking from multiple angles.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Low shock absorption

The air cushion of AF1 (mostly) is a built-in 3/4 air cushion unit. Its main feature is thin and tough, and the shock absorption effect is relatively average. These upper feet feel stiff when walking, there is no obvious soft elasticity, and there is no feeling of pressure and rebound on the soles of the feet. The comfort of running is unexpected. Every step can clearly feel the soft elasticity from the soles of the feet and provide clear energy feedback. The cushioned imitation shoes also have a strong cushioning effect, which can be clearly felt in actual use. When taking off and landing, from the front palm touching the ground to the back palm touching the ground completely, you can obviously feel the relief of the vibration and release most of the pressure.

  • Nike Air Force 1 Low size

The test usually wears shoes of size 41 and 42. The upper foot test of these shoes is 42 size, and the upper foot is too big. This pair of Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 Qs as a whole is well handled in detail without obvious flaws. The top is made of leather, and the feet on top are sultry. Not many ventilation holes can not provide excellent ventilation effect, coupled with the poor ventilation of leather, it is more stuffy to wear in summer. The flexible leather material has greater strength and wear resistance, which greatly increases the service life of the shoes. The soft leather not only ensures flexibility, but also provides adequate support and protection for your feet. The upper foot feels stiff, but there is obvious soft elasticity and shock absorption during running and sudden bursts.